Department of Sociology

Yang Min

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Yang Min  Professor

Branch of sociology ,

School of Social and Psychological

Central University of Finance and Economicsdoctoral tutor.

Professional direction:Theoretical Sociology and its applicationsocial constructioncommunity construction research.

Research interests: the theory of localization of sociology and its application

Educational background

2004graduated from the Department of sociologyRenmin University of Chinareceived a doctorate in law.

2000graduated from the Department of sociologyRenmin University of Chinareceived a master's degree in law.

Graduated from the Philosophy Department of Guizhou University in 1982 and received a bachelor's degree in philosophy.

Work experience

1982-2001Department of philosophyGuizhou UniversityDepartment of SociologyGuizhou Minzu University.

2004- Branch of sociology ,School of social and psychologicalCentral University of Finance and Economics.  

Research project

Research on Yangming’s the philosophy of the mind and the social development of contemporary China (2016-2019). Guizhou province 2016 annual philosophy and Social Sciences planning major issues of Chinese culturepresided.

Marxism Theoretical research and construction project of the Ministry of education The History of Chinese Sociology (2011-2018). Major research projects of the Ministry of educationpresided.  

The new connotation of Chinese experience in the construction of happy community in Yangquan city(2014-).  Project of Party History Research Office of Party Committee of  Yangquan citypresided.  

Virtue Zhuhai: the theory and practice of comprehensive management ——from the Chinese experience in Zhuhai (2014-)Civilization Office in Zhuhaipresided.  

Ling'an city “green home rich village”new urbanization Exploration research (2014-). The Ling'an municipal Party committee government office of agriculture and rural issues,presided.

An empirical study on Human centered new urbanization of Zhongshan City  (2013-2015), Municipal Policy Research Office of Zhongshan,presided.

Social construction theory and practice research in the perspective of Sociology of China(2012-2016) .the key project of the National Social Science Fund,presided.

The influence analysis and countermeasure research on the development trend of the owner group in Beijing city (2009-2013).Construction project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the university in Beijing,presided.

A sociological study on the legal consciousness and law abiding behavior of residents in the period of rapid transformation (2009-2012),the major projects of the key research base of the Ministry of education,presided.

Three changes and two type: the scientific development and the construction of a harmonious society of the specific embodiment ——Taking the field survey in Zhengzhou city as an example (2009-2010),Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,the subject of Social Science Association,presided.

Theoretical and empirical research on the individual security in the accelerating period of social transformation in China(2007-2010). Key projects of National Social Science Fund,presided.


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Symposium or Papers Collected by Others’ Edited Books

Yang Min,(2013). Theoretical Construction of Sociology with Chinese Characteristics. Zheng Hangsheng (ed.). The Growth Process of the Social Operation School. Renmin University of China Press.

Yang Min,(2013).Theory of Social Mutual-Constrution ——The Pursuit of From Differences to Identity,Zheng Hangsheng (ed.). The Growth Process of the Social Operation School. Renmin University of China Press.

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Yang Min,(2007). Promoting Social Construction in the Process of Social Contradiction Governance.Zheng Hangsheng,Xu Yongxiang etc.(ed.). Symposium of Social Construction and Practical Innovation. Shanghai People's Publishing House.

Publishing books

Monographs or Edited books:

Yang Min. The Significance of Social Action: A Study of the Modernity Characteristics During the Acceleration of Social Transformation. Beijing: Peking University Press,2005.

Yang Min,Zheng Hangsheng. Social Transformation and Community System Innovation in China: Practical Structural Theory and Its Application. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press,2008.

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Yang Min etc. .A Sociological Exploration of ”People Oriented” Security Concept——Theoretical and Empirical Research on Individual Safety. Beijing: Renmin University of China Press,2013.

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Yang Min(subeditor).Model of Honghuagang Zunyi : New Exploration of Scientific Social Management.Beijing: Chinese Business Association Press,2014.

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Yang Min(subeditor). The Theory and Practice of ”Big Civil Administration” and the Development of  ”China Experience” ——The Beijing Experience of Tamping the World City Foundation with Chinese Characteristics”. Beijing: Chinese Society Press,2011

Yang Min(subeditor). ”Three Changes and Two Type” City: The Concrete Embodiment of Scientific Development and Harmonious Society Construction——A Case Study of Henan in Zhengzhou. Beijing: World Book Inc,2010.

Yang Min(subeditor).Investigation of China Features of Construction of Harmonious Community ”Shang City Model” ——A Sociological Analysis on the“Shang City Experience” . Beijing: World Book Inc,2010.

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Yang Min(subeditor).60 Years of New China·The Academic Review——Sociology and Social Construction. Beijing: Beijing Press,2009.

Yang Min(subeditor).Theory and Practice of Harmonious Community Construction——A Case Study of Shenzhen Field Survey in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Beijing: Party Building Reading Press,2009.

Yang Min. Theory and Practice of Harmonious Community Construction——A Case Study of Henan in Zhengzhou,Zhengzhou.Beijing: Party Building Reading Press,2009.

Participating books:

Yang Min. Introduction to Sociology (Second Edition). Beijing: Renmin University of China Press,2015.

Yang Min. Introduction to Sociology(Fourth Edition). Beijing: Renmin University of China Press,2013.

Yang Min. Chinese Sociology in the New Century (2006 - 2010):  Review of “11th Five-Year” and Prospect of “12th Five-Year”. Beijing: Renmin University of China Press,2011.

Yang Min. Introduction to Sociology ( Marxism Theoretical Research and Construction Key Teaching Material of The Propaganda Department of The Central Committee of the CPC). Beijing: People's Press,Higher Education Press,2011.

Yang Min. 30 Years of Sociology in China (from 1978 to 2008) (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences·30 Year Series of Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences). Beijing: China Social Science Press,2008.

Social services and social work

Chief expert,Marxism Theoretical Research and Construction of the Ministry of Education

Member of the Steering Committee on sociology teaching of the Ministry of Education

Standing director of Chinese Sociology association

Standing director of Beijing Sociology association

Standing director of the Specialized Committee of Theoretical Sociology

Standing director of the Specialized Committee of Sociology of law

Director of the Specialized Committee of Social Policies

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