Department of Sociology

Cheng Shiqiang

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Cheng Shiqiang  lecturer

Department of Sociology, School of Sociology and Psychology, Central University of Finance and Economics

Research Areas:Rural Sociology, Sociology of Organization

Academic Interests:Rural Social Organization,Social Changes of the Community


PhD                2016              Sociology, Renmin University of China

Joint PhD  09/2014 -09/2015  Sociology, Duke University

MA                 2012               Sociology, Renmin University of China

BA                 2010                Sociology, Lanzhou University


2016-present     Department of Sociology, School of Sociology and Psychology, Central University of Finance and Economics


Indigenous Studies about Market Order in a setting of Harmonious Society(2010-2013). National Social Science Fund, Member.

The Structural Change and Evolution Trend of Internet Society(2015-present) . National Social Science Fund, Member.


Cheng, Shiqiang. (2016). The Sacred and the Secular: Space Integration of Regional Society-Based on Mountain Worship. Journal of HIT, 18(2), 52-56.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2015). Structure of Internet Social Stratification in China. Social Science in China(Internal Edition), 9(5), 46-58.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2014). Migrant Joint Family: The Change of a Migrant Contractor Family. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 28(3), 114-119.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2014). Network Society and Social Stratification: Structure Transformation or Structure Reproduction. Journal of Lanzhou University, 42(2), 1-9.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2014). Migrant Entrepreneurship: The Practical Logic of Migrant Contractor Family Economy. Sociological Review of China, 2(2), 56-65.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2013). The Dual Logic and Dilemma in Network’s Social Management. The Journal of Humanities, 39(3), 116-120.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2011). The Chinese Tradition of Financial Sociology-the Interpretation and Reconstruction of Fei Xiaotong’s Rural Financial Study. Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University, 16(5), 80-85.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2013). The Governance Logic in Cyberspace. P.178-200 in Study Report of Internet Society in China 2011-2012, Liu Shaojie and Wang Jianmin. Beijing: Renmin University of China Press.

Cheng, Shiqiang. (2012). The Migrant Contractor Family. P.111-165 in The Anthology of  Sociological Master's Thesis in Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University, Zheng Yefu, Shen Yuan and Pan Suiming. Beijing: China Social Science Press.

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