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Zhao Sibo

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Sibo Zhao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Department of Sociology, School of Social Development, Central University of Finance and Economics

Majors:Social Psychology and Mental Health, Sociology of Family, the Life Course Studies

Research Interests:Mental health and its influencing factors, Gender inequality inside the family, The Cumulative effects in the life course


Ph.D. in Sociology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2015

M.A. in Sociology, Central University of Finance & Economics, 2011

B.A. in Sociology, Central University of Finance & Economics, 2009

Working Experience

2015  -Now  Department of Sociology, School of Social Development, Central University of Finance & Economics

Research Project

The Characteristics of Executive Control among High Impulsive Individuals with Suicide Ideation: A Longitudinal Study (2015-2018). National Natural Science Fund, Main Participant.


Zhao, S., & Zhang, J. (2014). Suicide risks among adolescents and young adults in rural China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12(1), 131-145.

Zhang, J., Zhao, S., Lester, D., & Zhou, C. (2014). Life satisfaction and its correlates among college students in China: A test of social reference theory. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 10, 17-20.

Zhang, J., & Zhao, S. (2013). Effects of value strains on psychopathology of Chinese rural youths. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 6(6), 510-514.

Zhang, J., Lester, D., Zhao, S., & Zhou, C. (2013). Suicidal ideation and its correlates: testing the interpersonal theory of suicide in Chinese students. Archives of Suicide Research, 17(3), 236-241.

Zhang, J., Lu, J., Zhao, S., Lamis, D., Li, N., Kong, Y., et al. (2012). Developing the Psychological Strain Scales (PSS): Reliability, Validity, and Preliminary Hypothesis Tests. Social Indicators Research, 1-25.

Social Work and Service

Member of the American Sociological Association(ASA)

Member of the American Association of Suicidology(AAS)

Member of the Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences(ACPSS)

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