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Fang Shu

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FangShu Associate professor

School of Social Development of the Central University of Finance and Economics,

PhD Tutor, Deputy Head of Department of Sociology.

Professional direction: Social policy and social work

Direction of Research Interests: Social governance , Social security, Social welfare and so on,

Research on the related problems of children, Community inmates, the disabled and other special groups.


Graduated from the Department of Sociology of Renmin University of China and received a doctorate degree in 2012 .

Graduated from the Department of sociology, Yunnan University, received a master's degree in 2009

Graduated from the Department of sociology, Anhui Agriculture University, received a bachelor's degree in 2007

Work Experience

2012 to date    Department of sociology, Faculty of social and psychological studies, Central University of Finance and Economics

Research subjects

Beijing children's welfare middle management ability development project (2016). Beijing children's Welfare Institute commissioned the project, presided over.

A study on the evaluation and development of the service status of children's welfare institutions(2016 to date). Commissioned by the Ministry of civil affairs project, presided over.

Beijing Children's Welfare Services staff capacity building project(2015). Beijing Children's Welfare commissioned thematic projects, presided over.

Professional Development of Social Work in social governance innovation background(2015 to date). Youth Research and Innovation Teams of Central University of Finance and economics special projects, presided over.

Beijing Children's Welfare Institute staff support needs assessment(2014), Beijing Children's Welfare commissioned thematic projects, presided over.

Collaborative governance and the construction of the "three social linkage" mechanism (2014 to date).National Social Science Fund youth project, presided over.

The research of Standard of Social Work child welfare agencies(2013). National Standards Committee Quality Commonweal special projects, presided ,member.

Local participation in the work experience of Social Community Correction, (2013-2016),Ministry of Justice, Legal Theory Research Project ,presided over.

Beijing Experience of Social Work Intervention Community Correction(2013-2016). Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Project, presided over.

Social work profession to enhance thematic research program(2012). Central University of Finance and Economics undergraduate teaching engineering, presided over.


Fang Shu. (2016). Modern civil affairs: deep dialogue of social welfare and the contemporary China. Study and practice, 2016 seventh.

Fang Shu. (2015). To investigate the causes, contents and Countermeasures of national cultural mobilization. Guizhou ethnic studies, the ninth phase of 2015.

Fang Shu. (2015). The localization model -- a case study of Central University of Finance and Economics undergraduate social work training. Social construction, 2015 sixth.

Fang Shu. (2015). Research on social work standard of children's welfare institutions. China standardization, 2015 second.

Fang Shu. (2015). Study on the construction of children's welfare institutions social work standard system. China standardization, 2015 second.

Fang Shu. (2015). Child welfare agencies Standard of Social Work Education Support Services. China standardization, 2015 second. Social science, 2015 first. (NPC newspaper copy of the "social work" (May 2015) full text reprint.

Fang Shu. (2015). The development conditions of China social policy crisis theory and target localization. Development and research, 2015 first.

Fang Shu. (2015). A new way of low-income housing community governance -- Based on the practice of Beijing C community governance as an example. Gansu Social Sciences, 2015 first, the people's Congress newspaper copy of social work (May 2015) full text reproduced.

Fang Shu. (2014). The farmers in western regions in the context of modernity plight. Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University, 2014 ninth.

Fang Shu. (2014). The social work for public emergencies in the perspective of risk governance intervention. Study and practice, the third period of 2014 (NPC press and publication of the "social work" (July 2014), "sociological digest" (September 2014) full text reproduced.

Fang Shu. (2014). Social work to promote social self organization: realistic function and moral value. Ideological front, the third period of 2014.

Fang Shu. (2014). The construction of practical logic and policy on government purchase of social work services for disabled orphans in Wuhan, Guangzhou model as an example. The study of the disabled , 2014 third.

Fang Shu. (2014). Facing the innovation of social management of China's five major real issues -- social work involved in space. Journal of Yichun University, 2014 second.

Fang Shu. (2014). The formation and development of the social management mode with Chinese characteristics. Theory monthly, 2014 first.

Li Yingsheng, Fang Shu. (2014). The theoretical basis of the reform and innovation of social policy China. Humanities magazine, 2014 sixth. (Xinhua digest, 2014 twentieth full text reproduced).

Fang Shu. (2013). On the interaction mechanism of social work and social management -- from the nature of social work. Social Sciences, 2013 fifth. (National People's Congress, a copy of the "social work" in the 2013 eighth full text reproduced.

Fang Shu. (2013). Disabled care support community-based service system, Research on people with disabilities,2013 third

Fang Shu. (2013). Review and innovation of China's social work in community correction mechanism. Gansu Social Sciences, 2013 third.

Fang Shu. (2013). The enterprise social work to promote the harmony of labor relations. Social work in China, on March 2013.

Fang Shu. (2013). Industrial social work and mental welfare of employees. Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, 2010 sixth. (National People's Congress copy of the "social work" in 2011 fifth full text reproduced.

Fang Shu. (2013). The innovation of Social Governance: global trends and China task. Journal of Tongling University, 2013 sixth.

Li Yingsheng, Fang Shu. (2013). The research of social management -- Based on the experience of Beijing social work intervention. Social work, 2013 second.

Fang Shu. (2011).Failure of the third sector and care support services system for people with disabilities. Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, 2011 sixth.

Fang Shu. (2011). Review and Prospect of the reform of socialization of social welfare in china. Tianfu new, 2010 sixth. (the National People's Congress to copy "social work" in 2011 second reprinted, "contemporary social science view" reproduced).

Fang Shu. (2011). The theory of evolution of the relationship between development and welfare and China implication. Realistic, 2011 fifth.

Fang Shu. (2011).  College students medical insurance system sustainable development from the perspective of symmetry: difficulties and countermeasures. Social security research, 2011 fourth.

Fang Shu. (2010). The scientific and reasonable construction of social policy implications -- the "third way" of the concept of social welfare. The theory of Herald, 2010 ninth.

Li Yingsheng, Fang Shu. (2010). China transformation and development mode of social work. Journal of Renmin University of China, 2010 Third. (National People's Congress copy of the "social work" in 2010 ninth full text reproduced.

Li Yingsheng, Fang Shu. (2010). Modern social workers, volunteers prosperous conditions and Mechanism -- Based on the experience of the western area of Hong Kong and China. Journal of Hebei, 2010 fifth. (the National People's Congress to copy "social work" in 2011 twelfth Reprinted).

Fang Shu. (2010). Social workers' professional occupation standard and appraisal system research. Social work, 2010 Third.

Fang Shu. (2010). Social work occupation system construction theory. Journal of Tongling University, 2010 first.

Fang Shu. (2009). Social work specialization and occupation. Fujian forum, 2009 twelfth.

Fang Shu. (2008).  Durkheim's  Sociological theory summary .Journal of Heihe, 2008 third.


Fang Shu. Social work collaborative social management innovation: Functions and intervention path. Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2014

Yang Min, Fang Shu. Harmonious Justice: Society and risk response. Beijing: Renmin University of China press, 2014

Fang Shu .co-written. Introduction to social work (Second Edition), Beijing: Renmin University of China press, 2010

(this book is a general higher education, "11th Five-Year" national planning materials, The Ministry of education, College of Social Science Teaching Guidance Committee recommended teaching materials, Beijing higher education quality materials, twenty-first Century social work series of textbooks.One of the Renmin University of China.

Fang Shu. co-written. Renmin University of China《China Social Development Research Report 2011 - to the society that Put importance in livelihood of the people: at this stage of social construction and its response to the challenge, Beijing: Renmin University of China press, 2011

Fang Shu. co-written. Contemporary Chinese social policy research, Shanghai :Fudan University press,2012

Fang Shu. co-written, the relationship between social work and voluntary services ,Beijing: Chinese Society Press, 2010

Social services and social work


Academic secretary of Beijing Zheng Hangsheng Social Development Foundation

Magazine editor of Sociological Review and Society

Magazine editor of Sociological  Social Construction

Director of China Development Research Association of Disabled

Director of China Institute of Social Work



2016 National Social Work Career Certificate Exam, member of the Proposition Group

Ministry of education key research base of Sociological Theory and Methods of Renmin University of China Research Center, part-time researcher

Director of Beijing Changping District Social Work Association

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