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Ding Zhihong

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Ding ,Zhihong, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Department of Sociology,School of Sociology and Psychology , Central University of Finance and Economics, Master Advisor.

Majors: Population Economics, Social Gerontology

Research Interests: Intergenerational economic support for the elderly family; the Elderly Income and Consumption; Long Term Care


Ph.D. in Demography at Renmin University, 2006

M.A. in Demography at Renmin University, 2003

B.A. in History at Zhengzhou University, 1997

Working Experience

1997-2000, Teacher of Weihhui Middle school, Henan Province

2006-Now Associate professor of Department of Sociology, School of Social Development, Central University of Finance and Economics

Research Projects

Family Strategy Study of Caring the Rural Disability Elderly (2011-2014)., National Social Science Fund Project, Principal Investigator

The Impact of Chronic Diseases on Loss of Function in Daily Life among Elderly (2009-2012). The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund Project, Principal Investigator.

Study on the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of the Social Adaptation of Urban Retired Elderly (2011-2013), The Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Beijing, Principal Investigator.

An Empirical Study and Evaluation on the Changes for Urban and Rural Elderly Social Welfare since the New Century (2015-2018), The Youth Innovation Team Project of Central University of Finance and Economics,  Principal Investigator.

Main Publications


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Chapters in Books

1.Ding Zhihong. Research on Aging Policy in Rural China. Beijing, China Social Sciences Press, 2009.

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Social Work and Service

The member of Social Construction  special committees of the Central Committee of the Jiu San(SEPT.3RD) Society

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