Department of Sociology

Zhang Ping

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Zhang Ping  Associate Professor

Department of Sociology, School of Social and Psychological School,

Central University of Finance and Economics,

Specialize in: Applied Sociology

Research Interest: Social policy, Environmental Sociology

Educational Background

- In 1996,graduated from the Renmin University of China,  received a Doctorate in History;

- In 1993, graduated from Renmin University of China, received a master's degree in law;

- In 1989 ,graduated from the Peking University, received a Bachelor Segree in Law;


1996-2005   Research on News and International Issues ;

2005  and so far , the Department of sociology, School of social and psychological, Central University of Finance and Economics.

Research Project

Research of Chinese Participation  in Environmental Protection and its Effective Mobilization, the 2016 National Social Science Fund Project ,General project, Project host;

Chinese Students' Voluntary Behavior and its Long Term Incentive Mechanism (DEA100224), the National Education Science "11th Five-Year" plan in 2010, the Ministry of Education ,Project host;

The Theoretical and Empirical Research on the Individual Security in the Accelerating period of Social Transformation in China, the Key Project of the National Social Science Fund Project in 2007, Participants.

Ecological Civilization and Western Ecological Modernization Theory, the Key Project of the National Social Science Fund Project in 2008, Participants.

Paper Publication

Zhang Ping, Jin Yingjie: " Analyzing the Effectition of Mass Media on the Environmental Behavior of China's Urban and Rural Residents --- Based on China 2013 General Social Survey Data " ,Journal of Renmin University of China, 2016(4) ;

Zhang Ping Zhang Jingyan: "The Role and Function of Mass Media in China's Environmental Protection Movement", "Ideological Front" , 2015 (4);

Zhang Ping, Jin Yingjie: "Analysis of Friendly Environment Behavior of China's Urban and Rural Residents ",Social Construction, 2015 (4);

Zhang Ping ,Yang Zuchan: "The Characteristics of Environmental Group Events in the Past Ten Years", Journal of China University of Geosciences ,2015(2) ;

Zhang Ping, Ding Qianqian: " Analyzing the Effectitive Factors on the Environmental Behavior of Urban and Rural Residents in China” ,Journal of Nanjing University of Technology ,2015(3);

Zhang Ping, Ding Qianqian: "The Intervention Model and Role of Rnvironmental Protection Organization in China – Based on the Typical Cases in the Past 10 Years", "Ideological Front", 2014(3);

Zhang Ping, GuoYongfang: "Analyzing theAdministrative Characteristics of Voluntary Organization and its Incentive in China", "Study and Exploration" ,2013(6);

Zhang Ping ,Zhu Lingyun, Yang Zhongying: "The Public Welfare, Utility and Motivation -- Some Problems in the Practice of Volunteer Action in China", "Study and Practice" ,2013(5)  ;

Zhang Ping, Yang Zuchan: "The Development of Chinese Volunteer Service", "The Study of Contemporary Chinese History", 2013(2);


Zhang Ping, Yang Zhongying, et al. "Chinese Volunteers: Behavior, Organization and Motivation", Beijing Press, Aug 2014;

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