CUFE School of Sociology and Psychology

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School of Sociology and Psychology at Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) was established in 2006 as School of Social Development, changed to the present name in 2016. Recognized as one of CUFE's most rapidly developing academic branches, our school is based on the two traditional disciplines of Sociology and Psychology, comprising multidisciplinary research areas and providing varied education programs, aiming to study societal and psychological issues from different levels and with different methods.  


The school has varied range of Bachelor and Master Programs. About 400 undergraduate students follow three BSc programs: Sociology (established in 2003), Applied Psychology (established in 2004), and Social Work (established in 2011). At the graduate level, we offer the Academic Master Degree program of Sociology and the Applied Master Degree program of Applied Psychology (MAP), covering 100 graduate students.  

Our BSc education programs are prominent for its distinct focus on directions of economic sociology, economic psychology, and enterprise social work. Every year, nearly 25% of our graduates were enrolled in the top-ranking universities overseas as master or Ph.D candidates, and another 25% were admitted as master's candidates to the domestic top-ranking universities. Among the rest of them, 60% of them were hired by financial institutions, with 40% entering large state-owned enterprises and government agencies.  

At the graduate level, we offers 11 academic master degree programs. The MSc program of Sociology covers 5 research fields: sociological theory and application, economic sociology, applied sociology, social policy and social work, and economic anthropology. The MSc program of Demography consists of 2 directions: population and economy, population and health. The MSc program of Social Psychology covers 3 research directions: experimental social psychology, economic psychology, and social health psychology. Our distinguished MAP program offer 4 research directions: economic psychology and behavioral finance analysis, health psychology and employee assistance program, social psychology and social management, as well as management psychology and human resources development. Every year, besides a few pursuing their doctoral degrees, most of our graduate students entered into job market. Among them, 70% were employed by financial institutions, and rest of them gets into various enterprises and institutions.  

Our school also engages in exchange programs with various universities in the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in terms of undergraduate and graduate student joint training, mutual recognition of credits, faculty exchange and scientific research. Our school also receives international and exchange students.  


The school consists of two departments and other research institutes and centers. The Department of Sociology and Department of Psychology are responsible for teaching and education, while research institutes and centers such as Center for Beijing Social Construction Research and Institute of Economic Psychology are in charge of academic research. In addition, we have 1 laboratory for economic psychology and behavior and 1 for telephone interview. Our school also sponsors a monthly academic journal of Psychology: Techniques and Applications.  

By the end of 2016, our school has a total of 35 faculty members (20 in the Department of Sociology and 15 in the Department of Psychology) and 8 staff members. Relatively a small-size research institution, our school is competitive in the university and the academic field respectively. Currently our faculty members host more than 20 state-level and 40 ministry-level foundation-support projects, besides lots of projects from other government departments, enterprises and institutions. Our faculty members published papers in top-level academic journals such as Social Sciences in China, Sociological Studies, and Acta Psychologica Sinica. The number of SCI/SSCI publications ranks highly in CUFE almost every year. Our faculty also published more than 50 textbooks, monographs and translated works, with most of them receiving the provincial and ministerial awards.  

CUFE School of Social and Psychology is harboring the mission to build itself into a school with two first-class disciplines of Sociology and Psychology in China. We are looking forward to another decade of progress and glory with the concerted effort of our faculties and students.  


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